Wheel Refurbishment

Our Wheel Refurbishment Services

We believe that wheel refurbishment is essential process which contributes to the overall appearance of the vehicle. When investing in a detailed vehicle the finished article can sometimes be impaired by wheels which are aged or damaged.

Not all refurbishments are the same, a mobile repair is OK for a quick fix but the process is just a repair rather than a full factory restoration, and the paint and lacquer is likely to deteriorate at a faster rate than a full factory refurbishment.

The wheel is stripped back to bare metal, then three coats : powder coat primer, wet coat colour and a clear lacquer are applied, this guarantees a uniform long lasting finish which is supplied with a 12 month guarantee on all wheel service including diamond cut, something local repair outlets and mobile services do not offer.

Wheels can be refurbished while your vehicle is in for a detail or wrap, or can be carried out on its own.

Standard Colour Finish

We have a range of standard colours which in many cases will enable an exact match to your original paint finish, or a very close match.

Chrome Colour Finish

These colours give a distinctive metallic looking finish without the need use a lathe or diamond cut the wheel. The selection includes silver chrome, black chrome and nickel chrome.

Custom Colour Finish

Many customers choose to personalize their vehicle by adding custom wheels colours. If you would like to customize your wheels then give us a call.

Diamond Cut Finish

A diamond cut finish is increasingly popular in today’s market. This can also be referred to as diamond polishing. The finish is achieved by firstly paining the wheel and then using a lathe with a diamond tipped cutter to remove a thin layer of the alloy.


Can I have change the colour of my wheels as well as have them refurbished?

Yes- we can offer to match the majority of painted finish colours and part machined/diamond cut finishes, we don’t however offer chrome plating.

Can you refurbish one wheel to match the finish on the others exactly?

Due to process used we can match the majority of manufacturers’ OEM painted and diamond cut finishes whether it’s just one or the full set of wheels

Due to the intricate process involved when creating a black chrome finish it is not possible to precisely match a refurbished wheel to existing ones, in these cases we recommend the full set is refurbished as a whole.

Can you refurbish split rim alloy wheels?

Yes- most two piece split rims wheel are not an issue,   but speak to us if you have 3 piece wheels as these may require additional works.

Can you repaint my centre caps?

Yes- in most cases we can offer as an additional service when the wheel is being processed, however there are also some centre caps that cannot be re finished.

Can you Colour Code my wheels to match my vehicle?

Yes – in most cases we can mix the colour to match your vehicle, in some cases special colours can be brought in if required, speak to us as this service is available and can be suited to your needs.

Can you arrange to collect or delivery my vehicle?

We can provide a nationwide collection/delivery service, at extremely competitive prices. We use both open and closed transporters, or we have fully insured drivers ready to drive your car safely to our Facility.