Detailing Overview

Surface Correction & Enhancement

Vehicle surfaces are frequently subjected to harsh conditions. The simple act of use and exposure to the elements will often introducing imperfections, scratches and oxidation. Technicians at the BigFoot Car Detailing Centre London perform thorough analysis to identify each unique defect and formulate a process to address it specifically. Each individual surface is treated with the utmost precision in order to preserve the appropriate thickness. Whether it be clear coat, gelcoat, or another surface our technicians will never deploy a process that could potentially jeopardize its long-term viability.

The BigFoot system; is the most advanced polishing system available on the market today. Based on continuous research and studies of all the various paints available from both the OEM and aftermarket we ensure that our methods are effective and safe in all applications.

Exterior Detailing

A thorough cleaning and decontamination of exterior surfaces is carried out using a systematic approach. Even in hard to reach areas our team of experts utilize the right tools and have been trained in all the aspects of cleaning virtually any automotive surface. A checklist method is utilized at our centre to ensure that before delivery all aspects of the car have been properly cleansed and inspected.

The car is covered with an emollient foam which, left to rest, triggers the action of absorbing all the impurities present on the body of the car, once it has been trans-formed into liquid form, it will be removed by taking away most of the dirt.

Interior Detailing

At the BigFoot Car Detailing Centre London we ensure your interior will be delivered looking pristine*. Our technicians are trained to properly clean and preserve the countless variety of materials featured in your vehicle’s interior. Each unique surface is addressed with the latest techniques and technologies to restore them to like-new condition. Each interior detail starts with an inspection of the condition of each surface, then every area is carefully cleaned to remove contamination, dust, and debris.

Leather surfaces are carefully cleaned, prepared, and thoroughly conditioned to preserve the soft, supple feel. Protection is applied to prevent ageing and dehydration while preventing colour loss or fade from UV exposure and oxidation. This world-class, multi-step process deployed by the professionals at our centre ensures the passenger compartment of your vehicle is pleasant and inviting.

*dependant on vehicle condition and package undertaken

Engine Detailing

The engine in many vehicles is a work of art. At the BigFoot Car Detailing Centre London, we have the knowledge and the tools to restore each engine bay to a showroom level finish. Grease and oil, road grime, dirt, and debris; these contaminants creep into your engine compartment and detract from its appearance. Harsh detergents and aggressive cleaning methods can damage the delicate electronics, cause harm to specialized engine finishes, or deteriorate important components. At the BigFoot Car Detailing Centre London the engine compartment detail process takes great care to properly address of all these areas while ensuring no harm is done to the most critical component of your vehicle.

Car show enthusiast can and will appreciate the benefits of having a detailed engine bay, but every car enthusiast will appreciate the engine bay detail done correctly.

Surface Protection & Preservation


After the surface is corrected*, free from defects, and polished to its highest level of gloss and lustre the discerning collector may choose the application of a traditional wax. Carnauba waxes offer a sacrificial barrier of protection against the elements and further enhance the painted surfaces with a rich, natural glow. Ideal for the car owner who only occasionally drives their vehicle or vehicles which are primarily exhibited indoors a natural wax provides a balance of protection and enhancement.


A high-tech solution in the world of automotive surface protection; nano coatings are engineered chemicals which provide extreme levels of protection lasting much longer than traditional waxes or sealants. The professionally applied coatings form a physical bond with the surface and substantially increase surface tension allowing them to reject many common surface contaminants thus making maintenance cleaning much easier. These specialized treatments provide the longest lasting solution for surface preservation and are ideal for all vehicle types, specifically those that see regular use or frequent outdoor exposure.

*dependant on vehicle condition and package undertaken